Community Programs

Ambassador's Academy


Key West Ambassador's Academy is an interactive program that focuses on educating citizens about the City's government processes. Elected officials, department directors and other city staff will host unique and informative sessions designed to give citizens hands-on experience in city government operations. If you ever thought you could manage the city better, this is your chance to learn the ins and outs of city management and have your suggestions implemented. Help your community through solving problems. More...

Toys For Tots


Clean Key West

Key West Mayor Jimmy Weekley has hit the ground running when it comes to implementing his vision for the city. He has set, as a primary goal, to make Key West the “cleanest little city in America.”

A city summit was convened in December 1999 that drew over one hundred elected officials, city department heads and associates, business people and residents who share the mayor’s commitment. Several committees were formed which have been meeting to bring specific proposals to the City Commission for ordinances and to department heads for immediate implementation. more......

City Summits

Periodically the City of Key West holds Summits which are designed to bring officials and citizens together to discuss issues affecting the community. During these meetings, input is requested from all participants to suggest ways that goals may be accomplished in handling problems. The links below show results from some of our recent Summits. more....