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Describe the three facilities plus anchorage: Mallory Dock can handle up to a 650’ vessel and is city operated; Pier B is privately operated and can handle mega-cruise ships; Outer Mole is City operated and can handle megacruise ships; anchorage not used frequently, but typically passengers processed through Pier B with no profit to City at all.
Growth in passengers was modest between 1996 and 2001 (fly in circle); however, passenger numbers increased dramatically last year (fly in circle)
In the past, most passengers passed through Mole Pier, since it was the only facility that can handle mega cruise ships. Note that now increase in passengers has been almost entirely at Pier B
Passenger numbers are increasing at a greater percent than revenues; in 99-00 revenues entering the City’s general fund were $3.34 per pax; last year, they were $2.55; this year they are projected to be $2.58
Cruise ship revenues constituted approximately 8% of the General Fund last year, and are expected to be about 8.5% this year.  Without cruise revenues, either the budget would need to be reduced, or alternative revenue, such as millage increases, would need to be identified.
Note flyins which show what percent of revenues by berth profit the City
Note that better data is needed; possibility that FCCA will pay for independent pax and lodging surveys