Contractors Examining Board

Meetings held from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. - City Hall Annex (Conference Room), located at 604 Simonton Street - 2nd Floor.

The Board is open to the public but we only discuss issues that are on the agenda or that the chairperson brings up as new business.

If signing, special seating or other accommodations are required, please call 305-292-8148 (TDD number 305-292-2511) 24-hours prior to meeting.

The Contractors Examining Board shall have the power to determine if a license or certificate of competency of any contractor should be suspended for any violation of chapter 14, article III of chapter 18 and article II of chapter 34, and fix the length of time for such suspension. It is consists of the following seven uncompensated members appointed by the city commission:

1. one general contractor
2. one master electrician
3. one master plumber
4. one land surveyor, architect, or registered professional engineer
5. one roofer
6. two consumer representatives

   February 20th
   April 17th
   June 19th
   August 21st
   October 16th
   December 18th