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The Port Advisory Board Meeting Minutes (5-10-00)

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1. Call to Order & Roll Call
The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. Members present were: Charles Bradford, Darren Guttman, John Williams and Chairman Probert. Staff present were: John Jones, Assistant City Manager; Vicki Minard, Assistant City Attorney and Raymond Archer, Port Director.

2. Approval of Agenda
Charles Bradford motioned to approve the agenda. John Williams seconded the motion.

3. Approval of Minutes
Charles Bradford motioned to approve the minutes for the April 12, 2000 Port Advisory Board Meeting. Darren Guttman seconded the motion.

4. Discussion of fishing charter boats at the Key West Historic Seaport
John Jones presented a list of the charter boats at Key West Bight to the Port Advisory Board for their information. A brief discussion followed in reference to the City Commission’s wishes on what to do with the boats. Further discussion was held by the public, Board members and John Jones as to whether the list John Jones presented to the Board members at this meeting was correct or not. John Jones made it clear several times that the list he passed out at this meeting was the correct list.

5. Discussion on Garrison Bight
- Status on Leases
John Jones stated that they still had 22 people who had not signed the new leases. Twelve of those 22 people were out of town and the City had not been able to get a hold of them. He went on to say that they should have all the leases signed by the end of the month.

- Sale of Charter Boat business
Vicki Minard presented to the Board a revised checklist and documentation for the sale of charter boat business and recommended that they approve this new documentation. John Williams motioned to approve the procedure forms provided by Vicki Minard. Charles Bradford seconded the motion. Motioned passed unanimously.

John Williams then motioned to have the sale documents come before the Port Advisory Board for review prior to sale approval. Charles Bradford seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-1.

6. Update on Mooring Field & Houseboat Row
John Jones updated the Board members on the Mooring Field in which he stated that within the next couple of weeks or so, the City could officially start putting people at the Mooring Field. He said right now he wanted to test the moorings to make sure he got what he wanted. He went on to say that the City was actively engaged in other things like having a dingy dock out there and restroom facilities.

He stated in reference to Houseboat Row that the DCA was giving was giving the City 36 slips and that they were in the final stages of the permit process. He went on to say that they got notice from Last Stand saying they didn’t object to these slips but wanted to clean the Bight up.

7. New Business
John Jones stated the City is looking into putting fuel facilities at Garrison Bight.

He then officially announced Raymond Archer as the director of Key West Bight, Garrison Bight and Port Operations.

John Williams suggested changing the office open hours at Garrison Bight.

8. Adjournment
Darren Guttman motioned to adjourn the meeting at 6:45 p.m. John Williams seconded the motion.

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