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Moped And Scooter Businesses To Be Inspected

3/10/03 - As the first week of spring break comes to the City of Key West, moped and scooter businesses can expect a visit by the city's code enforcement officers.

"The city's ordinances - Article VII, sections 18-351 through 18-386 - requires code enforcement to inspect these businesses," said Charles Stephenson, building director. "We time the inspections for this time of year because we all know how spring breakers love the vehicles."

Stephenson said officers would be bringing friendly reminders to business owners on what the city ordinances requires of moped and scooter rental companies and will check to see that every shop is in full compliance.

The ordinances requires businesses that rent scooters and mopeds to provide instruction and training to each customer and instruct the customer not to drive on the sidewalk, not to pass on the right and to observe regulations pertaining to the proper use of horns.

The businesses are also responsible to evaluate renter's ability to understand the instructions and can refuse to rent to anyone not qualified after testing on the company's property.

Signs must also be posted clearly that warn of the potential dangers of scooter and moped rentals in the city and each business must give the customer a written notice that includes the customer's signature acknowledging instructions, notice of dangers and name and address of person to be contacted incase of accident.

Each business must also offer customers a helmet certified for head injury protection.

"We remind businesses of these ordinances, and enforce them when necessary, because of our concern for the safety of the riders," Stephenson said. "We expect a lot of students this season and we want them to enjoy themselves and be safe on our streets."


Michael Haskins, Public Information Officer

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