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City Summit Offers Possible Solutions to Homeless Crisis

1/29/03 - Almost 200 citizens of Key West attended City Summit XI - Homelessness, A Community Challenge on Wednesday and their ideas on how to help with the problem of homelessness in Key West will be presented to the City Commission.

After spending the morning listening to various viewpoints on the issue of homelessness - including service providers, the business community and the homeless themselves - the afternoon was spent discussing the issues in diverse groups and coming up with potential solutions. Each group presented their ideas to the rest of the attendees.

In true democratic fashion, everyone was then asked to mark which ideas were his or her favorites. The top vote getters were:

1. Develop a day care center and safe haven with showers, referrals, clothing exchange, voice mail, etc.

2. Develop a homeless employment program - e.g. homeless day labor

3. Establish shelters - temporary and long-term

4. Create chronic homeless committee

5. Establishment of Emergency Shelter at Hawk Missile Site with public showers and phone and mail access for job/interview opportunities

6. Establish mentor program for the homeless

Some of the ideas overlap or may be able to be consolidated. The feasibility of each idea will be looked at further by a Task Force to investigate funding and logistics of each item. This information will then be presented to the City Commission.


Paul Clayton, Summit Coordinator

Kelly L. Haglund, Public Information Officer


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