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New Yard Waste Collection Law Enforcement Begins

2/10/03 - Key West – Recently, the Key West City Commission passed an ordinance requiring residents to place yard waste into trash containers for pick-up.  The rational behind the ordinance was to continue with the City’s goal of becoming the “Cleanest City in the USA,” ensure that sidewalks and streets were not encroached by large piles of debris, and assist with proper separation of yard waste from other types of garbage.

City residents have had many concerns and questions about the new ordinance.  Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) from residents:

Q. Why was this law passed?

A. The trash that built up while waiting for the claw truck (in some instances a week or longer) had grown beyond our control.  It created a safety problem on the City's right-of-ways, the trash was unattractive, unhealthy and was taking away valuable parking spaces from our residents and visitors.  Moreover, horticulture is considered excess waste and if it can not be placed in a container or trash bags, the property owner is required to have it hauled out by a solid waste company.

Q. Will yard waste still be collected curb-side with regular trash?

A. Yes, if placed in cans or bags, yard waste will be collected at no additional charge. 

Q. If I don’t want to containerize yard waste, do I have any other options?

A. Residents may place uncontained yard waste curb-side and arrange for a claw truck pick-up.  Arrangements for this type of pick-up MUST be made in advance and an additional fee will need to be paid.

Q.  What is the fee for claw truck pick-up?

A.  The minimum charge for claw truck pick-up is $75.

Q. What is the current charge for garbage service?

A. The monthly charge for residents is $22.50.  Waste Management receives $7.68 for twice a week garbage collection, $1.71 for once a week recycling, and $9.39 goes to the City for disposal and plant operations.

Q. I believe that in the contract with Waste Management, each household was entitled to a free pick-up for yard waste at least once a year. Am I correct?

A: The contact does not allow for free pick-ups and the current monthly fee does not include the claw truck.

Q.  Will furniture and white-goods still be collected?

A. Yes, furniture and white-goods, such as appliances, will be still be collected curb-side.  Please call Waste Management to arrange for pick-up of these types of items.

Q. What about the collection of construction debris?

A. Construction debris has never been a free service.  Residents can contract with a number of local haulers for the collection and disposal of construction debris.

Q. What is the fine for leaving yard waste on the sidewalk or street, not in a container?

A. You may be fined up to $500 each time there is a violation of the ordinance.  Currently, Code Enforcement is trying to educate the citizens about the new ordinance and is giving warnings and allowing citizens to place yard waste into containers in a timely fashion to avoid fines.  Shortly, this will no longer be the case and Code Enforcement will be issuing tickets for violations of the ordinance.

Kelly L. Haglund, Public Information Officer

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