Actions Taken-01/20/99




6:00 P.M.



1. Call meeting to order. Roll call.

2. Invocation. Rev. Chiscolm, St. James Baptist Church

3. Pledge of allegiance to the flag.

4. Approval of agenda.

5. PROCLAMATIONS: (Mayor Mullins)

(1) Arbor Day

Removed (2) Conch Republic Mint

(3) University of Miami School of Medicine Florida Keys Health Fair Day.


(1) Winners of the Holiday Parade Floats. (Commissioner Bethel)

(2) Florida Department of Children & Families - Charla Rodriguez. (City Manager)

(3) Port Tariff Study - Bermello, Ajamil, and Partners, Inc. (City Manager)

(4) City Attorney's Report on outstanding legal issues.


*All items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered to be routine by the City Commission and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a commission member or citizen so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the general order of business and considered in its normal sequence on the agenda.


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City Commission/CRA/LRA Meeting

Wednesday, January 20, 1999


99-35 *(1) Authorizing City staff to apply for grants for flood mitigation, drainage or stormwater related to the acquisition of the property located at 1700 Atlantic Boulevard. (City Manager)

99-36 *(2) Authorizing the City Manager to apply for a Florida Highway Beautification Grant, to submit applicable highway landscaping permits, and to enter into a Maintenance Memorandum of Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation. (City Manager)

99-37 *(3) Granting a Special Event Permit pursuant to Section 55.04 of the Code of Ordinances to Tropical Productions for an event to take place during the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 7, 1999; waiving the sixty day provision at one location. (Mayor Mullins)

99-38 *(4) Approving the attached Emergency Watershed Protection Program Cooperative Agreement among the Natural Resources Conservation Service ("NRCS"), the South Florida Resource Conservation & Development Council ("COUNCIL"), Monroe County, Key Colony Beach and the City. (City Manager)

99-42 (5) Saluting Dane Hunter Artman for his extraordinary baseball talents and for using those talents to bring honor to his hometown of Key West. (Commissioner Bethel)

99-39 *(6) Setting the schedule of City Commission Meetings for 1999. (City Manager)

99-40 *(7) Awarding the bid of B & L Beneway, Inc. and T. G. Enterprises of Key West, Inc. in the amount of $254,750.00 for reconstruction of the Thompson Fish House. (City Manager)

99-43 (8) Approving the attached amendment to the Sewer Rehabilitation Contract between the City and Lanzo Construction, Inc. in the amount of $251,049.20. (City Manager)

99-44 (9) Urging Monroe County to adopt a full cost allocation approach to determining cost of services and appropriate millage for the Sheriff's Department in relation to Monroe County's Municipalities. (Commissioner Bethel)

99-45 (10) Committing the City of Key West's best efforts to the Monroe County Affordable Housing Task Force. (City Manager)

99-41 *(11) Approving settlement in the case of Moodie v. City of Key West in the amount of $32,500.00. (City Attorney)

Postponed (12) EASEMENT AGREEMENT: 1304 White Street to 2-2-99 Approving and authorizing execution of the attached Agreement for Easement at 1304 White Street, Key West, Florida, between the City of Key West and Wilfredo Cejas and Myrta A. Cejas. (City Manager)

Tabled (13) EASEMENT AGREEMENT: 1021 Watson Street Pending Approving and authorizing execution of the attached Agreement for Easement at Application From 1021 Watson Street, Key West, Florida, between the City of Key West and Eileen New Owner D. Schnell. (City Manager)


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City Commission/CRA/LRA Meeting

Wednesday, January 20, 1999


Second (1) An Ordinance of the City of Key West, Florida, amending Chapter 92 of the Code Reading 2-2-99 of Ordinances entitled "Vehicles For Hire" by amending Section 92.025 to adjust thenumber of available licenses and to establish (consistent with Section 92.13) a new renewal date; by amending Section 92.105 regarding temporary licenses; by amending Section 92.12 regarding joint participation in a dispatch system; by amending Section 92.16 to establish a flat rate fare when a taximeter breaks to allow a fare charge by zones for group passengers, and to re-establish the zones into four zones; by amending Section 92.161 to adjust airport zone fares; by amending Section 92.17 to adjust rate ceilings; providing for severability; providing for repeal of inconsistent provisions; providing for an effective date. (Commissioner Curry)


(1) TCI Franchise Agreement. (Mayor Mullins)

11. Comments by the Commission.

12. Adjournment.

13. Convene as Community Redevelopment Agency for the Caroline Street Corridor and Bahama Village. Roll Call.


99-46 (1) Approving the attached lease between CRA and Schooner Exploration Association, Inc. (City Manager)

15. Adjournment.

16. Convene as Naval Properties Local Redevelopment Authority ("LRA"). Roll call.


99-47 (1) Authorizing application to the U.S. Department of Interior for a Public Benefit Conveyance of the Seminole Battery to the City. (City Manager)

18. Adjournment. 9:15 p.m.