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A View of Key West

Mooring Field

Mooring Field: 24.34-600 N 081.47-225W

City Marina (305) 809-3981 or Ch-16 VHF Mooring Field Dockmaster

Located north of City Marina, in the area between Fleming Key and Sigsbee Park, is Garrison bight Mooring Field. The mooring field began with 81 moorings which were increased this year to 149 Moorings thanks to grant from Monroe County's Department of Marine Resources. These moorings host a mix of fulltime live aboard as well as transient boaters. Each mooring system is inspected, top to bottom, every 120 days.Buoy systems with any sign of wear or damage are replaced. Interim inspections and damage is taken care of by the Mooring Field Dock Master.

The State of Florida has followed the City's lead and established a no discharge zone for sewage from boats around Monroe County. This helps to keep the waters clean as well as keeps the City's pump-out service busy. A City Pump-Out Boat, purchased with grant money, continues to provide pump-out services to all vessels in the Key West City Mooring Field.
Please bring your drivers license and vessel and dinghy registrations with you when you check in.

New Rates: Effective  March 01, 2014
Mooring Field Rates:
$  18.36 Daily (tax included)
$323.23 Monthly (tax included) - 1 month's rent deposit required

Click here to view Mooring Field Agreement