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Code Enforcement

Goal 1:  Work toward a clean and beautiful City in Keeping with Mayor’s Clean  City initiative           


1.  Establish building abatement program to reduce building eyesores and increase owners awareness to conditions of properties. This process is to continue throughout year.  Target:  actively pursue two abatements  for fiscal year.

2.   Coordinate efforts with the Utilities Department for the common goal of cleaning up  unsightly areas.  Become instrumental with establishing public awareness programs on neighborhood appearances.

3.   Expand use of Chapter 31and 76 to keep sidewalks clear and free of debris.  Meet with Code Officers once per month and  concentrate on one specific district each quarter.  Awareness to include illegal signage, encroachments, safety obstructions etc.

1.      Establish master map and tracking charts to monitor individual property site visits for the purpose of gaining  signage compliance in the Historic District.  Effectively 
eliminate illegal signage. 


Goal 2:   Increase Effectiveness of Code Enforcement

1.      Develop a new generation of computer forms for code violations, request to comply and notices of hearings.  The initiation of this will require less follow-up time required by officers.

2.   Reformat hearing agendas to better organize meetings for presentations.

3.   Provide computer specific training for Code Officers.

4.   By year-end, have two Officers that only possess level 2 certification obtain level 3.

5.  Conduct public input meetings for the purpose of communicating code violation 

6.  Expand current activity to include daily inspection tickets  to develop daily routines.


Goal 3:   Eliminate Building Code Violations                    


1.      Establish adequate routines for each Officer with emphasis on time management.

2.      Establish with each Officer time to be spent in field and office.

3.      Develop daily routine of areas to be traveled in order to maximize coverage and identify violations with greater frequency.

4.      Hire additional personnel to increase exposure and compliance.

5.      Expand Transient Rental Ordinance enforcement by addition of associate specifically
      orientated to this enforcement.  Establish conclusive and routine investigations for
      achieving compliance.


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