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Goal 1:  Work towards a more productive, efficient permitting process   


1.      Continue with develop adequate filing systems to eliminate the accumulation of “dead” files.

2.      Provide cross-training program for Permit Specialists allowing for more

diverse staff. 

3.      Comply with Florida Building Code  permit requirements to include Florida Energy requirements.

4.      Improve communication as to permit submittal requirements with customers.  This process will require the training of associates.  One permit per month will be addressed and dissected with associates to answer questions about what should be communicated to customers.


Goal 2: Improve Associate Morale


1.      Increase associate by making available continuing education thru certification with SBCCI.  New certification labeled “Permit Specialist” is available beginning November 2002.  Achieve complete certification by September 2003.

2.      Provide adequate computer equipment to increase permit output by 50 %.  Staff is scheduled to receive new hardware  by March 2003. 

3.      Continue with bi-weekly staff meetings.  Encourage associate input to improve system and work environment.                                              


Goal 3:  Improve communications with Customers


1.      Conduct quarterly public workshops with contractors and homeowners.  Present   sample matrix of submittal requirements in effort to avoid delays of permit issuance.

2.      Develop and discuss code updates, concerns of department and concerns of customers.


Goal 4:  Establish adequate File Retention Program


1.      Reorganize and adequately address filing system with new techniques and
       arrangements. Accomplish by June 2003.  Dependent on establishing new areas and


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