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Plan Review

Examination of documents

Plan review. The Building Official shall examine or cause to be examined each application for a permit and the accompanying documents, consisting of drawings, specifications, computations and additional data, and shall ascertain by such examinations whether the construction indicated and described is in accordance with the requirements of the technical codes and all other pertinent laws or ordinances.


1. Building plans approved pursuant to s. 553.77(6) Florida Statutes and state approved manufactured buildings are exempt from local codes enforcing agency plan reviews except for provisions of the code relating to erection, assembly or construction at the site. Erection, assembly and construction at the site are subject to local permitting and inspections.

2. Industrial construction on sites where design, construction and fire safety are supervised by appropriate design and inspection professionals and which contain adequate in-house fire departments and rescue squads is exempt, subject to local government option, from review of plans and inspections, providing owners certify that applicable codes and standards have been met and supply appropriate approved drawings to local building and fire-safety inspectors.

Minimum plan review criteria for buildings. The examination of the documents by the Building Official shall include the following minimum criteria and documents; a floor plan, site plan, foundation plan, floor/roof framing plan or truss layout and all exterior elevations:

Commercial Buildings:

1. Site Requirements
fire access
vehicle loading
driving/turning radius
fire hydrant/water supply/Post Indicator Valve (PIV)
set back/separation (assumed property lines) location of specific tanks, water lines and sewer lines

2. Occupancy group and special occupancy requirements shall be determined.

3. Minimum type of construction shall be determined

4. Fire resistant construction requirements shall include the following components:
fire resistant separations
fire resistant protection for type of construction
protection of openings and penetrations of rated walls
fire blocking and draft stopping
calculated fire resistance

5. Fire suppression systems shall include:
early warning smoke evacuation systems
schematic fire sprinklers
pre-engineered systems
riser diagram

6. Life Safety systems shall be determined and shall include the following requirements:
occupant load and egress capacities
early warning smoke control
stair pressurization
systems schematic

7. Occupancy Load/Egress Requirements shall include:
occupancy load
gross net
means of egress
exit access
exit discharge
stairs construction/geometry and protection doors
emergency lighting and exit signs
specific occupancy requirements
construction requirements
horizontal exits/exit passageways

8. Structural requirements shall include:
soil conditions/analysis
termite protection
design loads
wind requirements
building envelope
structural calculations (if required)
wall systems
floor systems
roof systems
threshold inspection plan
stair systems

9. Materials shall be reviewed and shall at a minimum include the following:
gypsum board and plaster
insulating (mechanical)

10. Accessibility requirements shall include the following:
site requirements
accessible route
vertical accessibility
toilet and bathing facilities
drinking fountains
special occupancy requirements
fair housing requirements

11. Interior requirements shall include the following:
interior finishes (flame spread/smoke develop)
light and ventilation

12. Special systems:

13. Swimming Pools
barrier requirements
wading pools


1. electrical wiring services
feeders and branch circuits
overcurrent protection
wiring methods and materials GFCls

2. Equipment

3. Special Occupancies

4. Emergency Systems

5. Communication Systems

6. Low-voltage

7. Load calculations


1. Minimum plumbing facilities

2. Fixture requirements

3. Water supply piping

4. Sanitary drainage

5. Water heaters

6. Vents

7. Roof drainage

8. Back flow prevention

9. Irrigation

10. Location of water supply line

11. Grease traps

12. Environmental requirements

13. Plumbing riser


1. Energy calculations

2. Exhaust systems

clothes dryer exhaust
kitchen equipment exhaust
specialty exhaust systems

3. Equipment

4. Equipment location

5. Make-up air

6. Roof-mounted equipment

7. Duct systems

8. Ventilation

9. Combustion air

10. Chimneys, fireplaces and vents

11. Appliances

12. Boilers

13. Refrigeration

14. Bathroom ventilation

15. Laboratory


1. Gas piping

2. Venting

3. Combustion Air

4. Chimneys and vents

5. Appliances

6. Type of gas

7. Fireplaces

8. LP tank location

9. Riser diagram/shut-offs


1. Asbestos removal

Residential (One - and Two-Family):

1. Site requirements
set back/separation (assumed lines)
location of septic tanks

2. fire resistant construction (if required)

3. fire

4. smoke detector locations

5. Egress
egress window size and location
stairs construction requirements

6. Structural requirements shall include:
wall section from foundation through roof, including assembly and materials connector tables
wind requirements
structural calculations (if required)

7. Accessibility requirements:

Exemptions. Plans examination by the Building Official shall not be required for the following work:

1. Replacing existing equipment such as mechanical units, water heaters, etc.

2. Re-roofs

3. Minor electrical, plumbing and mechanical repairs

4. Annual maintenance permits

5. Prototype plans
except for local site adoptions, siding, foundations and/or modifications.
except for structures that require waiver.


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