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  •         Review and approves plans and specifications for public construction projects.

  •         Review private development plans for adherence to land development regulations and storm-water requirements.

  •         Review traffic related issues and performs traffic studies. Including warrants for traffic signals and four way stops, and speed limit studies.

  •         Manage and Coordinate road closures of Sanitary Sewer replacement, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, City Electric System, BellSouth, AT&T Cable, and contractors requiring road closures. 

  •         Coordinating the implementation of the land management plans for the Kitso property, Berg Property, Rest Beach, Little Hamaca park and Parcel 41 (Ocean Walk).

  •         Coordinating with City Electric on the installation, removal and shading of streetlights throughout the City.

  •         Coordinating with City Electric for pole relocation and traffic signal improvements.

  •         Assigning addresses to developed properties and resolving customer complaints concerning addresses.

  •         Reviewing proposed construction plans for adherence to the Land Development Regulations, storm-water requirements and the potential impact on city right of way.

  •         Coordinate with the Florida Department of Transportation and their consultant engineers on proposed reconstruction projects in Key West.

  •         Coordinate with the Monroe County Engineer on traffic and roadway improvements to County roads within the City limits.

  •         A member of the Ad hoc committee for the National Marine Sanctuary Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee meeting concerning the “turbidity issues” in Key West Harbor. Assisting the LRA Director, Port Director, consultant engineers and the Army Corp of Engineers in reviewing the “turbidity issues” at Key West harbor.

  •         Review requests from City Commissioners concerning traffic related issues. Including four way stops, traffic calming techniques and speed limits.

  •         Reviewing applications for construction to be performed on City right-of-way and performing associated inspections for compliance with City standards.

  •         Reviewing and approving and/or denying Maintenance of Traffic plans for proposed road closures and inspecting those plans once implemented for compliance.

Meeting with the public to answer questions, concerns, and complaints in an effort to resolve their concerns regarding projects.

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