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City Engineer

Goal 1: Improve external customer service.


1.      Respond to all citizen complaints within 48 hours from time received. Complaints will be handled internally on the AS400 work order system.


Goal 2: Improve traffic flow in areas where construction is being performed on City right-of-way.


1.      Review closure requests on adjacent arteries to ensure proper function. Ensure that access to residences and business’s is maintained with a maximum closure radius of one block from the area of construction. Require “local traffic only” in lieu of “road closed” when type of closure will allow. Review Permits issued for road closures and coordinate with utility work in the City. Permits for road closures will be reviewed within 72 hours from date of request and will be tracked on the computer.


Goal 3: Improve internal customer service.


1.     Assist all Departments in the preparation and evaluation of RFPs/RFQ’s to ensure that
       contractors have the expertise and experience to perform the work requested. Assist
       client departments in establishing and implementing schedule. Respond to requests
       within 48 hours and update progress on a monthly basis.

Goal 4: Improve the Environment.


1.   Ensure that private developments provide proper drainage and comply with the Land Development Regulations that are applicable to the City Engineer. Review and Comment on private development plans to ensure compliance with City codes and ordinances. Plan review will be provided to the Development Review Committee at its monthly meeting either verbally and read into the minutes or in writing if the level of detail dictates. Review comments and recommendations will be forwarded to the Planning Board and City Commission. Assist Utilities and Engineering Services Departments in design process for sanitary and stormwater replacement and construction. Respond to requests for assistance within 48 hours and update progress on a monthly basis.


Goal 5: Improve traffic flow in the City.


1.   Review requests for Traffic control devices (4 way stop signs, traffic signals, speed tables or humps, etc.) and provide recommendations to City Manager. Implement findings of “speed” study by January 2003 Review of traffic control requests within 7 days and complete within 30 days depending on the availability of information. If necessary task consultants to perform the requested work. Completion within 60 days of task order approval


Goal 6: Employee Training


1.   City Engineer and will complete core program by September 2002.


Goal 7: Improve Employee morale


1.   Participate in City picnics to encourage associates. Lead by example! Survey Department employees annually for recommendations on how the Department can improve.


Goal 8: Rewrite/update and maintain State Land Management plans (LMP) by end of fiscal year.


1.   Berg Property, provide annual report by May 30, 2003 

2.   Smathers Beach, review existing LMP and schedule revisions as necessary by May 2003

3.   Parcel 40 (rear of Oceanwalk, Blimp Pad). Review existing LMP and schedule revisions as necessary by February 2003.


Goal 9: Assist in the Mayors initiative “Clean Key West”


1.   Participate in the Clean Key West Committee.


Goal 10: Monitor Sick Leave and Overtime usage to minimize abuse and overtime impacts.


1.   Monitor sick leave and overtime usage on spreadsheet to observe trends. Overtime is not anticipated or budgeted.


Goal 11: Write Debris management Plan (DMP) by April 30, 2003.


1.   State of Florida requires DMP in order to participate in reimbursement for Hurricane damage.

Goal 12: Write Contract specifications for Traffic Signal Battery Backup System


1.    Write Contract specifications by December,  2002


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