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Domestic Partners are two adults who have chosen to share one anotherís lives in a family relationship.  Two persons are considered to be Domestic Partners if:

1.         They consider themselves to be members of each otherís immediate family

2.         They agree to be jointly responsible for each otherís basic living expenses

3.         Neither of them is married or a member of another Domestic Partnership

4.         They are not blood related in a way that would prevent them from being married

5.         Each is at least of the legal age and competency required by Florida Law to enter into a marriage or other binding contract

6.         They have signed a Declaration of Domestic Partnership

To establish a Domestic Partnership two people shall sign a Declaration of Domestic Partnership in the presence of the City Clerk.  As further evidence of Domestic Partnership two of the following documents must be presented along with the Declaration of Domestic Partnership:

1.   A lease, deed or mortgage indicating that both parties are jointly responsible

2.   Driverís licenses for both partners showing the same address

3.   Passports for both partners showing same address

4.   Other documents that in the opinion of the City Clerk conclusively demonstrates the applicants are living together as a family, including but not limited to, credit cards with the same account numbers in both names, wills, powers of attorney, or a joint title ownership of a vehicle.

A Domestic Partnership is terminated when:

1.         One of the partners dies

2.         A  Domestic Partner files a termination statement with the City Clerk, by hand or certified mail, for any reason

The fee for filing a Declaration of Domestic Partnership is $50.00.  It is suggested you call the City Clerkís Office at 305-292-8193 for an appointment.


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