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City Manager Julio Avael Key West welcomed Julio Avael back home in 1996. After graduating from Key West High School in 1962, he spent many years throughout the state and even as far away as Lake Tahoe, NV before returning to the City of his birth and many of his family and friends.

Key West is the place where he grew up listening to the clatter of dominoes, smelling Cuban cigar tobacco, Cuban Black Beans, café con leche, Cuban bread and the sound of near-by roosters in the early mornings. He spent his youth playing with friends and visiting with family in a time when the island was much simpler. A time when city curfew was 9 PM and movies cost 10 cents.

Avael's long career in public administration began as a juvenile court counselor for Monroe County, where he became Division of Youth Services Probation and Parole District Supervisor before leaving for Tallahassee.

Avael served as North Florida Regional Director for the Bureau of Community Services, Division of Youth Services North Florida and as Florida Economic Services Program Analyst/Supervisor for the Department of Health Rehabilitative Services. He later became Department of Human Services Director for Lee County and then Lee County Administrator, where he was responsible for a $1 billion budget and managed 2,000 employees.

Avael took a turn out west as County Manager for Douglas County, Nevada. While in the Lake Tahoe area, Avael enjoyed the snow, the mountains, cross-country skiing, and, of course, a little gambling.

When the position for City Manager of Key West opened, Avael jumped at the chance for the opportunity to get back home. He now works with childhood friends he had not seen in nearly 30 years. In fact, during his interview he recognized the faces of old friends in the audience.

Avael has plans for making the City run more effectively and efficiently and started the ball rolling in that direction upon arriving back in Key West. Since he began his tenure here six years ago, Avael has required many city departments to become state and/or nationally certified. He also instituted a formal computerization and training program, which achieved, with help from the Information Technology Department, three awards for the City's website  These awards include First Place in the 12th Annual "People's Choice Awards", presented by local radio station WKEY, and two separate Golden Web Awards from the International Association of Webmasters and Designers, and the American Association of Webmasters. He also began implementing management initiatives espoused by nationally known authors and consultants such as David Osborne, Ken Blanchard, Dr. Spencer Johnson and James Collins.

City of Key West residents have for the first time in its history become involved in the decision-making process through Avael's Citywide summits. The City's mission, vision, core value statements and goals and objective were established with input from the City's cross-section of residents. Moreover, hot topics such as parking, transportation, traffic, affordable housing, homeless, cleanliness of the City and surrounding waters and environmental concerns were addressed communally by residents, City Commissioners and City associates. In addition to building partnerships with the community, Avael established, what appears to be the first Police Action Team in the country. If you were to visit City departments you would immediately notice teams of associates meeting working together solving problems of the City.

From the summits, the Trust in Government Committee was formed from members of the business and residential community. The committee has surveyed the city's residents over the past several years and from that input the City has fine-tuned its performance.

Throughout much of his professional life, Avael also attended school full time. He has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Florida International University and a master's of public administration from Nova University. In 1991, he received a scholarship to attend the Senior Executive Program in Public Administration at Harvard University, where he studied under former Secretary of Labor Dr. Robert Reich.

Julio Avael
525 Angela Street
(305) 292-8100
FAX: (305) 292-8234


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City Manager Julio Avael

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