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The City Manager's Department provides executive leadership in the management of all departments and enterprises of the City.  The City Manager reports to the Mayor and Commissioners and responds to the needs of the public by proactively seeking public feedback.

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Rules And Regulations For Use Of City Of Key West Property For Special Events


    Application For A Special Event Permit Noise Control Exemption.pdf
    Application For A Special Event Permit.pdf
    Banner Application.pdf
    Booth Performance Contract.pdf
    Film Permit Application.pdf

1. All Applicant(s) must fill out a City of Key West application form provided to you by the Office of the City Manager.

2. Application(s) for special event(s) must be in the Office of the City Manager 60 days prior to the event.

3. Application(s) must provide comprehensive liability insurance insuring itself and the City against all claims of damages or injury to persons or property arising for any reason as a result of the activities associated with the special event permitted by the City. The insurance policy shall be written by a solvent insurance company in good standing and shall provide a minimum of $1 million general liability. The policy shall show the City of Key West as an additional named insured.

4. The applicant shall indemnify and hold the City harmless from all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, and expenses which may be incurred by the City or which may be claimed against the City by any person, firm to the person or property of any person, firm, corporation, or entity which are consequent or arise from the activities of the permit holder or its equipment, employees, agents, guests, licensees, or invitees for the permit holder activities or which damages/injuries are consequent or arise from permit holders failure to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations.

5. Applicant(s) who are businesses or private persons who wish to close a City street must make an application jointly with a non-profit entity. A percentage of the revenues of a special event that causes the closing of a City street must be donated to the non-profit. Applicant(s) must also hire an off-duty police officer(s) for crowd control and safety as determined by the Key West Police Department or the City Manager's Office. Applicant(s) must have neighboring businesses sign a petition of no objection to the street closure.

6. Applicant(s) wishing to sell/consume alcoholic beverages on City property must have approval by the City Commission via Resolution and must hire an off-duty police officer(s) for crowd control and safety as determined by the Key West Police Department or City Manager's Office. Applicant must provide liquor liability insurance.

7. Applicant(s) wishing to have an exemption from the noise control ordinance must fill out an application thirty days before the event. Processing fee for the application is $50.00.

8. All applications are subject to approval at the discretion of the City Manager and/or City Commission.