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Sponsor agrees to:

1. Maintain all vegetation (grass, trees, weeds, etc.) and to pick up and dispose of any debris or other unsightly / unclean articles that may be left at the area sponsor has selected as their bus stop adoption site.

2. The Adopt A Bus Stop area will be a 10' X 10' square, from the center of the bus stop sign, outward.

3. Maintenance will include reporting missing, vandalized or otherwise defaced signage to the KWDoT office for immediate replacement.

4. There are over 180 total bus stops to date that serve the fixed route in both clockwise and counter- patterns. All locations that a sponsor desires to adopt must be submitted in writing to the KWDoT Office, Attn: Manager, for review and approval, which will be provided verbally or in written form back to the requesting business or individual within 5 work days. Sign up forms and packets are also available at the Key West Innkeepers Association Office, 922 Caroline Street.

5. No business, individual, corporation, non-profit, or otherwise named agency or person shall be allowed to sponsor more than 10 locations through the City of Key West and Stock Island. This is to allow equal opportunity to everyone.

In exchange for sponsoring a bus stop, KWDoT Agrees To:

1. Mount a sign at the bottom of the existing bus stop sign which credits the sponsor by name, red letters on white background with a black or red border will be the color theme. The size of the signs will be 14" (w) X 10" (h), and will be color coordinated with existing bus stop signs.

2. KWDoT will work toward identifying and purchasing trash receptacles that will be mounted on the posts that hold bus stop signs, which will have plastic bag inserts and will also need to be maintained by the sponsor for replacement of the plastic liner and dumping of trash on an as needed basis.

3. The sign at the bottom of the bus stops provide the sponsor with free advertisement and allows us all an opportunity to participate in a clean city initiate for Key West, a true island paradise like no other place on earth!

How to participate:

If you would like to participate in the city's Adopt A Bus Stop campaign, please fill out our APPLICATION and submit it to the Key West Department of Transportation, Attention:  Myra Hernandez, Manager, 627 Palm Avenue OR mail it to P.O. Box 1078, Key West, FL 33040.  You may also fax the application to 305-292-8285.

You will receive a response call within five (5) work days, or less, at which time we will let you know if all issues or concerns that need to be addressed have been handled.  If everything looks good, KWDoT will initiate the order for the appropriate sign to be placed at the location adopted.

Please bear in mind that your request must be complete, be at a valid bus stop sign location already on the fixed route system, and not at a bus shelter location.



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