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1. What is a Right-Of-Way and why do I need a permit?

The original modern developers of the City designated certain routes in the City as public "Rights-Of-Way" to allow Commerce to exist.  Businesses and residents need to have avenues to transport goods and move around the island.  The City was granted designated Right-Of-Ways, which are required to be maintained for the purpose of allowing people the right of passage.

The City must maintain the streets in a manner that is conducive  to the passage of people and goods.  The City has the responsibility to ensure that use of the Right-Of-Way maintains proper public access and the infrastructure is properly designed and installed.

"Right-Of-Way" permits are required for all construction and landscape work, and for any use of the Right-Of-Way, ie: signs, trash receptacles and dumpsters, construction laydown areas, and bike racks.  Permits are required for filling low spots with rock, asphalting on the edge of pavement, sidewalks, and brick lanes.

"Maintenance of Traffic" permits are required when any use of the Right-Of-Way will cause a temporary blockage of the street, sidewalk or parking lanes.  These requirements include cones, barricades, flaggers, and other means to ensure vehicles and pedestrian traffic is routed safely.

2. Who do you call about storm water problems?

If storm water inlets are clogged, call OMI at (305) 292-5100 to report the problem.  If there is a repetitive flooding condition that you believe we are not aware of, contact our storm water engineer, Leo Montiel, at (305) 292-8195.  If there are puddles which remain for over 48 hours after a rain event ends, also please contact Mr. Montiel.

3. Who is working on our streets?

There are a number of utilities which use the City's Rights-Of-Way, these include Bell South, AT&T Cable, City Sewer, City Storm Water, City Electric System, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, as well as petroleum pipe lines.

4. Do you coordinate work?

Yes we do.  The City is a member of the Utility Coordination Association, and we meet monthly to update each other on projects.  We maintain a 5-year plan for all utility work and attempt to schedule projects on the same road in the same time period to reduce costs of asphalt overlay.  Sometimes, work cannot be coordinated due to the nature of, or extent of, repairs or funding availability.

5. Which roads are the County's and the State's responsibility?

Monroe County is responsible to maintain the street portion of the following Rights-Of-Way:  (the City maintains the sidewalks)

  • Eaton Street
  • Palm Avenue
  • the 400 block of Whitehead Street
  • 1st Street
  • Bertha Street
  • Flagler Avenue

The State D.O.T. maintains:

  • North Roosevelt Boulevard
  • South Roosevelt Boulevard
  • Truman Avenue
  • the 500 - 900 blocks of Whitehead Street


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