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Engineering Services

Goal 1:  Clean City Program


1.      Have two department associates attend Clean Key West Task Force and be active members providing leadership to citizens and other associates during FY03.

2.      Have associates report eyesores/problems throughout city when traveling from site to site and forward reports to the appropriate city department daily during FY03. 

3.      Engineering Services will maintain clean City construction sites through daily inspections and contract enforcement. 

4.      Continue to ensure beautification and future maintenance of construction projects is considered in all designs by implementing the clean and green checklist.


Goal 2:  Art in Public Places


1.      Continue to ensure the concept of Art in Public Places is considered in all construction designs by coordinating with the APP board when a project may be a candidate for an art project during FY03.

2.      Consider the Art in Public Places goal when reviewing grant programs during FY03. 


Goal 3:  Citywide Training Program


1.      Ensure 100% of staff is trained in the new Core Program by September 30, 2003.

2.      Ensure 100% of secretarial/assistant associates complete the Administrative Assistant course by September 30, 2003, if classes are appropriately offered.

3.      Ensure Manager completes the Management Core Training Program by September 30, 2003, if training program is offered.


Goal 4: Continue to Improve the Environment and Complete Major Commission Approved Projects


1.      Complete the Kamien Subdivision Storm Water project.

2.      Complete the Reynolds Street Storm Water project.

3.      Complete the Front and Whitehead Storm Water Drainage project.

4.      Complete the United Street Storm Water project.

5.      Complete the Searstown Reynolds Storm Water project.

6.      Continue to develop better relations with the South Florida Water Management District through meetings between agencies and better associate education regarding stormwater issues.  Have at least two meetings per year.

7.      Maintain and improve FDEP and USACE relations through better communication and more frequent contact.  Have at least two meetings per year. 

8.   Continue to develop an Environment Task Force Plan with the goal of creating a think tank of high-ranking officials of various agencies to develop a comprehensive environmental plan for the City. 


Goal 5:  Participate in City Wide Record Retention Program


1.      Ensure records retention personal complete/implement the tasks assigned by the RR Committee. 


Goal 6:  Manage Budgeted Overtime


1.      Analyze overtime records on a quarterly basis and modify assignments as needed during FY03. Report findings to City Manager in the monthly report.


Goal 7:  Improve Internal/External Customer Service


1.      Conduct Contractor surveys to determine quality of contract documents at the completion of all projects and report findings to City Manager during FY03.

2.      Conduct Client Department Head surveys to determine quality of construction projects at the completion of all projects during FY03.

3.      Conduct Citizen/user surveys to determine quality of construction project at the completion of all projects during FY03. 

4.      Ensure all Associates attend Core Training by September 30, 2003.


Goal 8:  Complete projects in a timely manner


1.    Complete the following projects by September 30, 2003:

      Front and Whitehead well

      Sidewalk installation project 

        Paving projects 2003

        Kamien Subdivision Storm Water

        Reynolds Street Storm Water project

        City Hall Garage Structural Repairs Phase I 

        900 Block of Duval St. Lighting

        DOT Wind Retrofit (FEMA) Shutters

        Public Safety Facility

        Key West Ferry Terminal

        Staples Avenue / 9th Street Bridge

        In-Line Hockey Rink Roof

        DOT Windows

        Dock at Aquarium

        Cemetery Fence

        Berg and Kitsos Boardwalk

        Rework Ann and Green to reduce standing water

        Rehab Cozumel Park


2.      Personally intervene in any project delays approaching 7 days.

3.      Personally act as mediator in all project issues that may cause delays to ensure a consensus is met within 7 days of the problem.   


Goal 9:  Increase Alternative Revenue Sources


1.   Identify and request application for grants to offset the cost of city projects.

2.      Improve ability to receive grants through enhancing relationships with the TDC, DEP, SFWMD, DOT and other agencies.   

3.      Implement permit processing fee of $25.00 for each right-of-way or dumpster permit by March 31, 2003.

4.      Actively pursue hurricanes shelter grant opportunities


Goal 10: Other Departmental Goals


1.      Complete Engineering Standards Manual.

2.      Create a Post-Disaster Recovery Manual.

3.      Update Engineering Services Web page quarterly.


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