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Mission: The Health, safety and beautification of this community are greatly dependent upon the vital support provided by General Services. The effectiveness of these services rests heavily on the associates providing the manual labor, equipment operation and the administrative functions of the department.

Vision: General Services, consisting of Public Works, Parking Enforcement and the City Cemetery, is committed to progress in public works, planning and construction, ensuring the parking codes and laws are enforced throughout the community and providing for the efficient operation of the city cemetery, all of which will require the wholehearted backing of informed and civic-minded residents as well as dedicated city associates.

The General Services department is the fourth largest department for the City of Key West with a staff of 31. The department is in charge of the orderly operation of the city streets and facilities. In addition to being responsible for the cleaning of right-of-ways throughout the city, the department maintains more than 80 miles of city streets, associated sidewalks, storm drains, street signage and light fixtures. Additionally, city facilities including air-conditioning, electrical, and plumbing are maintained and renovations performed.

The department, also, provides support for special events such as parades and festivals. The department provides places and removes barricades as well as cleans up debris after events. It assists the police and fire departments during emergencies such as oil spills and fires. The director and staff are members of the emergency management team.

In 2003, Parking Enforcement was transferred to the Key West Police Department, City Cemetery was transferred to the Building Department and Parking Permits and Parking Fines have been transferred to the Finance Department.

The main responsibilities of the general services department and our responses in 2003 have been the following:

Maintain streets, intersections and right-of-ways. Key West Public Works in conjunction with contract crews maintain the city right-of-way throughout the fiscal year, cleaning approximately 2,200,000 linear feet of right-of-way not including the daily cleaning of Duval Street and one block in each direction on the associated side streets. The crews sweep the sidewalks; mow and weed, remove trash and debris and even return abandoned shopping carts to their proper locations. During special events public works crews not only place barricades for road closures and empty trashcans in the event areas, they also clean the areas the morning after the event. In 2003, more than 160,000 pounds of trash was collected during the Fantasy Fest weekend along Simonton Street, Whitehead Street, Duval Street and one block in each direction from Duval Street on the associated side streets. A total of 130 metal cans are being maintained in the Duval Street corridor. Forty tons of asphalt has been used to repair potholes in the city and storm drain catch basins are cleaned six to eight times a year. When abandoned vehicles are removed from the city right-of-way, crews assist the police department and tow companies by removing trash and debris from such vehicles.

Other responsibilities.

Southernmost Monument is painted and repaired four times a year along with the duties of debris cleanup along South Roosevelt Boulevard after passing of tropical storms. Christmas lights are installed yearly along Truman Avenue, Christmas tree and lights installed at Bayview Park, old-fashioned streetlights maintained, miscellaneous moves of departments, replacement of doors and locks, and office furniture assembled and shelving installed. Installation of traffic control devices, street signage and striping are safety priorities for the department.

Key West Public Works crews paint "stop" bars, residential parking designations and striped centerlines throughout the city. Residential parking spots are repainted twice a year. Public works installs street signs as directed by the city engineer, replaces signs that are knocked down and has begun to paint street names on the Keys Energy Services power poles in lieu of installing signs due to theft and vandalism.

The annual budget for the Key West General Services Department is $2,343,925.