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Parking Enforcement


Code of Ordinances Section 63.191 Prohibition

  1. Except as provided herein, it shall be unlawful and a violation for any person to park, cause to be parked, allow to be parked, or cause to allow to remain standing or stationary, except in the normal course of traffic flow, any recreational vehicle, or and combination of a recreational vehicle and a motor vehicle, in excess of twenty (20) feet in length or seven (7) feet in width, exclusive of mirrors and other safety devices determined by the department of highway safety and motor vehicles to be necessary for the safe and efficient operation of such vehicles, whether occupied or not, and whether attended or unattended, except for the purpose of and unless actual loading or unloading or passengers or of property is taking place, on any street over which the city exercises parking jurisdiction.

  2. Recreational vehicles in excess of twenty (20) feet can only park in designated RV areas within the City and are not allowed to park in the downtown business district.


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