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Human Resources

Goal 1: Support comprehensive, cost sensitive benefit programs and services for all associates.


1. Conduct a monthly review of health insurance utilization and identify causes of escalating costs, if possible, and research alternatives

2. Continue to research all available options and alternatives for affordable health
insurance coverage including self funding and defined contribution health plans.

3. Review feasibility of implementing a Section 125 pre tax program to fund medical / dental reimbursements, dependent care coverage, life insurance premiums and other covered benefits.


Goal 2: Develop sources of qualified applicants to meet departmental staffing needs and assist departments in their ability to select candidates for employment in a timely and reliable manner.


1. Research alternative sources of labor.

2. Explore opportunities with the high school and college to develop career and/or part time work programs.

3. Research utilization of referral and/or hiring bonuses.

4. Increase awareness in the community of employment opportunities and the benefits of City employment.

5. Expand use of the City website to accept on line applications.

6. Monitor applicant flow to departments for timely action.

7. Review the paperwork process to eliminate delays in the hiring process.

8. Keep management and support staff informed of necessary deadlines on job posting and processing procedures.

Goal 3: Communicate in a timely manner human resource services and programs to our customers.


1. Provide a user friendly, open door office for associates and others to obtain necessary information.

2. Ensure that human resources staff is cross trained or know where to obtain needed information.

3. Ensure that requesters of information understand the "why" for the answers.

4. Conduct annual benefit fair to provide associates access to benefit providers on a one to one basis to discuss individual needs.

5. Provide seminars on Financial/Retirement Planning.

6. Conduct quarterly training sessions on City Policy and Benefits.

7. Provide City associates with annual Benefit Statement detailing total compensation/benefit package.

8. Conduct annual health fair.

9. Design programs/materials to reach a broader base of City associates to inform them of total benefit package.

10. Utilize the intranet to communicate information on benefit packages.


Goal 4: Develop a supervisory management training program.


1. Identify training needs of first line supervisors and first level managers.

2. Develop modules for training programs with appropriate audience content.

3. Follow up with trainees and department heads to evaluate effectiveness of training.


Goal 5: Effectively communicate and administer sound policies, rules and practices that treat associates with dignity and equality, while maintaining compliance with all employment and labor laws and City directives.


1. Complete a comprehensive review of City's personnel rules.

2. Revise City Policy Manual.

3. Provide training sessions for new and existing associates.

4. Communicate policy changes in a positive manner.

5. Use available technology to make information available to associates.


Goal 6: To maintain a classification and pay system providing a consistent ranking of positions based on complexity of duties and levels of responsibility within existing budgets.


1. Review and revise job description data base.

2. Periodically review job descriptions for accuracy and relevancy.

3. Assist department heads in the reclassification process with the job evaluation process.

4. Propose adjustments to minimum/maximum of pay grades within budget


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