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Please read all attachments carefully before submitting applications

This application and any required attachments should be submitted to the City Planning Department at 605-A Simonton Street. To be scheduled for a Development Review Committee meeting and  Planning Board meeting, submit complete applications and plans by the appropriate deadline.  Please make an appointment when the application is submitted.  Attached are  deadlines and meeting dates of the Planning Board.

Applicants are notified by mail of the date of their scheduled Planning Board meetings. It is the Planning Board policy not to hear an application unless the applicant is at the meeting.

Please include the following with this application:

1.                 Sixteen (16) sets of applications, plans, and all attachments for staff review.  Additional copies will be required later for the Planning Board and later steps. The plans must be prepared by or under the direct supervision of a Florida Registered Architect, Engineer, or Landscape Architect, unless otherwise waived by the City Planner. Plans for the Development Review Committee and the Planning Board shall be provided in the following sizes: (A)sites of 10,000 square feet or less shall be on 11” by 17” paper. (B) Sites greater than 10,000 square feet shall be on  24” by 36” paper.  All plans shall be done to a scale which shall be indicated.  

2.                 Sixteen (16) copies of a recorded warranty deed containing a legal description of the subject parcel. If this is a problem, consult with a planner.

3.                 Two (2) Signed/Sealed plus 14 copies of Survey of existing conditions on the site. This survey must be currently accurate.

4.                 Payment in the amount indicated on the fee schedule.  Make the check payable to the City of Key West. Put your name, address, driver's license number and date of birth on the back of the check.

5.                 Minutes of workshop review by HARC if project is in the historic district. If approval has been granted, provide the approval number along with minutes of the approval meeting. (16)

6.                 Proof of variance approval(s) if any have been granted for the property. (16)

Notarized Authorization form (if applicable) (16). If a corporate officer is signing any document, provide the corporate minutes or resolution showing the officer’s authority along with the current corporate status check. Two copies of these are sufficient for this step. Further information and documentation may be required.


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