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Minor Conditional Use and Minor Development
Requested Plans and Related Materials for Review

I. Existing Conditions:

     A) Recent Survey of the site by a licensed Surveyor showing all dimensions including distances from property lines with:

        1) Size of site
        2) Buildings, structures, and parking
        3) FEMA Flood Zones
        4) Topography
        5) Easements
        6) Location of Utility Lines (sewer, water, electric, cable, and phone) adjacent and extending into the site.

     B) Existing size, type and location of trees, hedges, and other features.

     C) Existing stormwater retention areas and drainage flows

     D) A sketch showing adjacent land uses, buildings, and driveways.

II. Proposed Development: Plans at 11" X 17" (10,0000 Sq. ft. or less); 24" X 36" if site is over 10,000 sq. ft.

     A) Site Plan to scale with North arrow and dimensions by a licensed architect or engineer

        1) Buildings
        2) Setbacks
        3) Parking:

          a. Number, location and size of automobile and bicycle spaces
          b. Handicapped spaces
          c. Curbs or wheel stops around landscaping
          d. Type of pavement

        4) Driveway dimensions and material
        5) Location of Utility Lines (sewer, water, electric, cable, and phone) adjacent and extending into the site.
        6) Signs
        7) Project Statistics:

          a. Zoning
          b. Size of site
          c. Number of units
          d. If non-residential, floor area & proposed floor area ratio
          e. Consumption area of restaurants & bars
          f. Open space area and open space ratio
          g. Impermeable surface area and impermeable surface ratio
          h. Number of automobile and bicycle spaces required and proposed

     B) Building Elevations

        1) Drawings of the building from each direction
        2) Height of building
        3) Finished floor elevations and bottom of first horizontal structure
        4) Height of existing and proposed grades

     C) Drainage Plan: Existing & Proposed with retention areas and calculations

     D) Landscape Plan: Size, type, location and number of plants to be removed, kept, and installed.

III. Solutions Statement: Aspects of the design that address community issues including but not limited to water pollution from stormwater runoff, potable water conservation, waste disposal, energy conservation, affordable housing, and impacts on neighbors such as lighting, noise, traffic and parking.


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