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Please read the following carefully before filling out the application:

This application and any required attachments should be submitted to the City Planning Department at 605-A Simonton Street. It is preferable to make an appointment before the application is submitted to determine what variances are necessary and what fee applies.

Board of Adjustment meeting dates and deadlines are as follows:

Application Deadline

Meeting Date

September 9, 2002 November 7, 2002
October 9, 2002 December 4, 2002
November 12, 2002 January 8, 2003
December 9, 2002 February 5, 2003
January 6, 2003 March 5, 2003
February 3, 2003 April 2, 2003
March 7, 2003 May 7, 2003
April 3, 2003 June 4, 2003
May 5, 2003 July 2, 2003
June 9, 2003 August 6, 2003
July 7, 2003 September 4, 2003
August 8, 2003 October 9, 2003
September 8, 2003 November 6, 2003
October 3, 2003 December 3, 2003

These dates are subject to change by vote of the City Commission. Owners and applicants are notified by mail of their scheduled Board of Adjustment hearing date. Attendance at the hearing is mandatory. Owners of property within 300 feet of the subject parcel are notified by mail. Notice will be posted on the property and must be left up until after the hearing, and the notice is published in the newspaper.

Please include the following with this application:

1. A copy of a recorded warranty deed with the Book and Page numbers from the office of the Clerk of Circuit Court for Monroe County containing a legal description of the subject parcel. The application forms must be signed by all owners listed on the deed.

2. An application fee to be determined according to the attached fee schedule. Make the check payable to the City of Key West and include your name, address, driver's license number and date of birth on the back of the check. Be advised that upon review by the Planning Department, additional or fewer variances may be required necessitating a different fee. It is best to see a Planner before turning in the application.

3. A drawing or drawings of the subject site, indicating the following:

a. Existing lot coverage including buildings, pools, spas, driveways and other walkways, patios, porches, covered areas and decks.

b. Location and identification/names of existing trees of 6 inches diameter or greater.

c. All proposed changes to what is existing, including those which make the variance(s) necessary.

d. Lot dimensions on all drawings and the distance from all property lines of all existing and proposed structures.

e. Dimensions of all the items in (a) and (b) above, and the height and number of stories.

f. Parking spaces and dimensions.

g. Easements or other encumbrances on the property.

4. One copy of the most recent survey of the property.

5. Elevation drawings of proposed structures, indicating finished height above established grade.

Please note that all proposed variances for development within the Historic District must be approved by the Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC) prior to submitting this application.

All attachments should be no larger than 8.5"x14", (preferably 8.5"x11").

The attached Verification and Authorization Forms must be notarized. This can be done at City Hall or the Planning Department. Identification is required. Out of state notarization is acceptable if necessary.

Make sure that the applicable application and authorization forms are signed by all people listed as owners on the recorded Warranty Deed.

Be advised that the City Commission will not grant a variance unless the City sewer and solid waste services for all city property are paid up.

If you have any questions, please call the Planning Department. We will be happy to assist you in the application process.


A. Three (3) or less issues $ 500.00

B. More than three (3) issues $ 835.00

C. All after the fact variances $1,000.00


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