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Parks And Recreation


  • The Lifeguard on duty is in charge at all times.
  • When the Lifeguard blows the whistle, please stop and listen.
  • The shower on the pool deck is for rinsing off. Take a soap shower downstairs before entering into pool.
  • You are responsible for your belongings so please do not bring any valuables with you.
  • Running, pushing, or horseplay is prohibited on the pool deck.
  • Foul language is prohibited.
  • No Food or drinks are allowed on the pool deck except water contained in plastic bottles.
  • No thong bathing suits, cut-off shorts, or street clothes are allowed.
  • Nudity is restricted.
  • No changing of clothes on the pool deck.
  • Suntan oil is not allowed. Please apply sunscreen at home or if applied at the pool, wait 10 minutes before entering pool.
  • No open sores allowed. If you are bleeding, do not enter the pool.
  • Children under the age of 5 must have an adult with them at all times.
  • Non-swimmers must stay in the shallow area.
  • All swimmers under the age of 16 who wish to swim in the deep end of the pool must pass a swim test administered by the Lifeguard.
  • The pool has dive rings and balls to use. Please do not bring your own pool toys, as they will not be allowed.
  • Floats & dive fins are prohibited. Baby floats equipped with seats are permitted.
  • Babies are not allowed to be in the pool while wearing disposable diapers. 
  • Babies need to have a bathing suit on while in the pool.
  • Diving is allowed in the 10-foot are only. Only cannonball and jackknife dives are permitted. Flips, twists, and back dives are prohibited.
  • Chicken fighting or contact with another personís neck area is prohibited.
  • Wrestling is prohibited.
  • Please do not let your children run in the baby pool or climb on the fence.
  • Personal radios with headphones are allowed. No other radios, cd, or cassette players without headphone are prohibited.


When the Lifeguard detects lightning, they will give a signal of 3 short and loud blasts of the whistle for you to gather your belongings and exit the pool deck in a calm manner.



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