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The City of Key West owns and operates the Southernmost Waste to Energy Facility (SWETF), a 150-ton per day waste to energy plant at 5701 College Road on Stock Island. Curbside collection of solid waste and recyclables, as well as, hauling and disposal of solid waste and ash, is contracted to Waste Management Inc.  C&D Hauling currently holds the contract to handle the City’s construction and demolition recycling.

All trash collected in Key West is transferred to the Stock Island plant and fed into two incinerators where it is burned. The incinerators in turn produce steam, which powers a 3.5-megawatt electric generator.  The generator powers the plant and produces enough additional electricity to sell to City Electric for local use. The plant employs 31 highly skilled associates that are committed to meeting the City’s waste needs. In addition to operating and maintaining the plant, the associates maintain the closed Stock Island Landfill and provide machining, welding and mechanical assistance to other City Departments.

Currently, the Utilities Department is preparing for a retrofit of the SWTE facility that would include state-of-the-art pollution control technology. This retrofit insures the plant’s operational ability for the next 15 to 20 years, as well as, exceeds the Federal and State guidelines for the new Clean Air Act that will be adopted by the State of Florida by the end of 2001.

Accomplishments for Solid Waste:

·         Improved Solid Waste Code Enforcement efforts by reviewing and responding to 100% of complaints within 48 hours of receipt.  Participated in Clean Key West and Citizens Advisory Committee meetings improving public relations and contributing to Mayor’s Clean City initiative.  Performed daily inspections of city right-of-ways to ensure compliance with code of regulations. 

·         Completed several long-term facility improvement and maintenance projects including installation of VSD drives on overhead cranes, rehabilitation and reinstallation of turbine engine, modification of over fire air ports and intakes.

·         Improved burn efficiency of plant contributing to City’s compliance with Permit Opacity limits (no visible emissions 98% of the time).

·         Improved plant housekeeping and aesthetic appearance by forming a committee to address specific issues and concerns.  Landscaping and artwork plans have been implemented.

·         Continued planning and construction bid process for plant retrofit project while awaiting adoption of the Clean Air Act State Implementation Plan.


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