The Utilities Department includes Wastewater, Stormwater, Solid Waste and Code Enforcement functions. The Utilities Director is responsible for annual rate studies for Sewer (prepared by consultant) and Solid Waste (prepared by E. David Fernandez). The rate studies and budgets are traditionally presented to the City Commission in late August. The Solid Waste Rate Study includes an annual cost-benefit analysis on the Waste-to-Energy facility. The Utilities Department administration includes the Utilities Director and Administrative Assistants and Code Enforcement Officer located at 5701 West College Road, Key West, Florida.

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Utilities Forms
    Change of Address

    Electronic Bank Draft
    Available to property owners only.  Separate form for each property location required.  Submit completed form along with a voided check.  Will take approximately 1 month from receipt to go into effect.  Must submit payments until bill states “Bank Draft Do Not Pay”.

    Senior Citizen/Disability Discount
    Form must be completed, signed, notarized and returned to Customer Service along with proof of income.  Must meet age/and or disability and income requirements.  Discount available to full time residents and only on their primary home.

Sewer Treatment Plant

    Abatement Form
    Gives customer a one time credit for water leaks or filling of swimming pools.  Must complete form and return to Customer Services.  Credit is available only once in a 12 month period.  

The sewer treatment plant and sewer collection system operation & maintenance is contracted to Operations Management International, Inc. (OMI). OMI employs 25 people at its Key West facility, which functions much like a City department. Wastewater is treated and pumped out into the ocean through an outfall dating back to 1954. The treatment plant was constructed in 1989 and was designed and permitted to process sewage at a rate of 10 million gallons per day (MGD).

Currently, average flows are approximately 4 MGD, a reduction from 8 MGD two years ago. This reduction in flow indicates the success of the $56 million collection system rehabilitation. Seawater inflow that previously entered the system and had to be unnecessarily pumped to the plant no longer occurs.

The City has spent more than $67 million over the past 3 years on sewer capital improvements to rebuild the collection system, replace the ocean outfall with a Class I Deep Injection Well, and upgrade the current Sewer Treatment Plant to an Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) facility.


The current stormwater management system is made up of a patchwork of mini collection systems constructed over 30 years ago. Much of the system was constructed using substandard materials and design. In addition, historically, the system had never been properly cleaned or maintained. Water quality and flooding problems emerged over the years as a result of the inadequate, improperly maintained, and deteriorating system. Beach closures, flood damage, and impassable roadways after rain events are evidence that the system needs to be upgraded.

To improve stormwater management, the City hired OMI in FY 1995 to perform cleaning and spot repair. The operating budget is $193,977 FY 2001. The entire collection system is cleaned 2.5 times per year with hotspots being handled more frequently.

In addition, a stormwater capital plan has been developed to prevent flooding, divert stormwater flow from outfalls, and reduce/eliminate discharge of pollutants and contamination of near shore waters. The plan provides for a more comprehensive management system and includes installation of five pump-assist injection wells, elimination and/or retrofit of 63 outfalls, installation of 293 injection wells and retrofit of existing injection wells. Vertical french drains have already been designed and installed addressing small areas of standing water in an affordable, cost effective way.