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The Stormwater facilities are made up of a patchwork of mini collection systems constructed as WPA project and/or by City sewer and public works departments. Most of the systems constructed by City crews used substandard construction materials and/or design. The systems had never been properly cleaned. OMI was assigned cleaning and spot repair responsibility just over three years ago for an operating budget of $154,900. OMI has a staff of 3 people in the Stormwater Program. City staff has developed a five year Stormwater capital plant (attached) allocating limited funds to provide some relief for remaining two of eight flood zones identified in the Stormwater Runoff Study. The plant includes installation of at least five injection wells per year. The Utilities Department has developed a vertical french drain design to address small areas of standing water in an affordable, cost effective way.

Accomplishments for Stormwater:

  • Established a stormwater cleaning program to clean the stormwater systems three times per year and as needed (first time in more than 20 years). As indicated in the attachments, approximately $160,000 per year for operating budget.
  • The City has repaired an injection well at Duck & 20th and installed 4 new catch basins.
  • This project has resolved the flooding at this location.
  • Five year Capital Plan calls for placement of ten new injection wells per year and continued capital repairs to the existing collection system as needed. Based on the information available, it appears that only five wells per year are currently funded.
  • Designed small vertical french drains that can be installed by OMI for less than $1,500 each. The design was necessary to enable the City to begin attacking smaller areas of standing water in a more cost-effective way. The plan was possible because the Utilities Department received clarification from DEP on permit requirements.
  • OMI installed the first 10 vertical french drains in an effort to attack the small areas of localized flooding common throughout town.


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