Halloween Cake

There were a lot of happy "spirits" around City Hall celebrating Halloween 2002!  Come on in and view our goulish fun...


Revenue Department
Revenue Department (back row l-r):
Valerie Barrera, Cecilia Anuez,
Jennifer Johnson, Shirley Sealy,
and City Hall Receptionist, Jessica
Sawyer. Front row:  Sharon Allen and
Tara Stansbury
Key West Police Department
Members of the Police
Department's Support Staff (l-r):
Crystal Bravo, Mary Canalejo, Charnette
Valdez, Susan Solares, Pam Kirchner,
and Megan Wilcox
Carolyn Haia
Accounts Payable Clerk,
Carolyn Haia



Building Department
Members of the Building
Department:  Kristin Shuford, Cathy
Wilmot and Gerzale Curry
Finance Department
Finance's Sue Snider
& Margaret Scanlon
Information Technology's
"Webmaster", Cindy Tingley
Grant Writer
Grant Writer, Sabrina Rivas
Records Department
Police Department's Records Staff:
Michelle Rodriquez, Kim Malott,
Sandra Newhouse, and Cheryl Garcia
Raymond Archer
Director of Port Operations,
Raymond Archer
Port Operations
Mark Tait & John Olinzock
of Port Operations
General Services
Toni Michelle Gage & Angela Budde
of General Services get a visitor
LRA Coordinator, Doug Bradshaw
 Layla Hurd
Little Layla Hurd, daughter of Claire Hurd from the City Attorney's Office.