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City Of Key West Beautifies Waste To Energy Facility

The fact that the City of Key West has an Art in Public Places Board is not unique. Many other cities have them, and Mayor Jimmy Weekley promised upon his election that he would create a new citizen-appointed board to serve as a vehicle to showcase the islands' wealth of artistic talent.

But what is unique is the fact that the Key West Art in Public Places Board has partnered with the City to create two new outstanding murals at its north Stock Island incinerator, known as the Southernmost Waste to Energy Facility.

"How many other cities can boast of an artistic trash incinerator site?" said Mayor Weekley. "City staff wanted the Waste to Energy Facility to be a good community neighbor, so we've moved forward on several beautification initiatives."

The most noticeable improvement upon reaching the site is the large panoramic beach seascape created by Chod Stine on the side of the building facing West College Road. This artwork represents one of the largest murals in the Florida Keys. On a wall facing neighboring Gerald Adams Elementary School, Jae DeVoe has colorfully re-created a scene from the children's story Gulliver's Travels.

"The Board thought that this mural was an outstanding choice for this environment," said Art in Public Places Board Chairman Frank Garner. "I hope the kids really enjoy it."

A third mural by Dick Moody will be finished in the fall. It will feature a 3-dimensional stainless steel Hammerhead Shark mounted on a sea blue background. Once completed, it will become one of the largest stainless steel creations in the world.

Additionally, City of Key West staff has just finished the installation of several landscaping improvements to further beautify the site, including new flower beds. In the near future, various trees will also be planted.

The City officially dedicated the improvements at a July 15th, 2002 ceremony at the Southernmost Waste to Energy facility on Stock Island.

For further information, contact Jay Gewin, Exec. Asst. to the Mayor & City Commission at 305-292-8252 or via e-mail at

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