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Truckin' in the Park  

TRUCKIN’ IN THE PARK Key West Public Works and Utilities departments will host “Truckin’ in the Park” at Bayview Park from noon-3 p.m., Sunday. The two city departments will display its heavy equipment for residents to see. Public Works will offer residents an opportunity to ride in its street sweeper. Key West Department of Environmental Protection representatives will be available to answer questions about sewer laterals and explain the enforcement and penalties of the city’s ordinance regarding picking up after your pet. Representatives from both departments will be available to answer questions from the public during the event. Public Works will offer free chances for six car washes at its facility on Palm Avenue, at the winners’ convenience. Also available at the event will be free hot dogs, chips, sodas and water. The event is made available by sponsorship from the Sands Beach Club, the Hog’s Breath Saloon, Sloppy Joe’s and Albertson’s.

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