Bureau of Criminal Investigations

The Bureauís primary responsibility is the investigation of major crimes and the follow -up investigation of other crimes. The Bureau also consists of the Street Crimes Unit, Crime Scene Investigation and the Property and Evidence Division. Criminal Investigations can be reached at 305-809-1015

Street Crimes Unit

The primary operation of the Street Crimes Unit is the investigation of drug activity within the City of Key West. If you know of drug activity in your area and would like to report it you can contact them at 305-809-1015

Crime Scene Investigation

The primary operation of Crime Scene Investigations is the collection and gathering of evidence from the scene of a crime. The operation assists in investigations, and the preservation of evidence for use in criminal proceedings.

Property and Evidence

Their primary operation is to secure and track evidence from crimes. They also keep found property that is turned into the department and arrange for its return or disposal. Each year Hundreds of lost items are turned into the Department that remains unclaimed. If you have lost anything, please contact them at 305-809-1002. They can assist you in claiming your property.