Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies come in all forms... from the traffic accident with injuries, to the occasional damaging tropical storm. The Key West Police, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services remain in a constant state of readiness to respond to those unforeseen emergencies with advanced equipment and highly trained professionals.

For larger scale emergencies, the City's emergency management staff have prepared comprehensive contingency plans. This advanced planning and preparation:

  • Ensures that highly trained professionals are always available to respond..
  • Ensures that emergency equipment and other resources are readily available.
  • Ensures timely notifications to the public of impending danger when advanced warning is available.
  • Eliminates rumors and confusion by providing accurate information.
  • Establishes emergency shelters.
  • Establishes procedures for an orderly evacuation of the island if necessary.
  • Provides for coordination of mutual aid between Key West and other local agencies.
  • Establishes the foundation for timely assistance from State and Federal agencies in the event of catastrophic affects.