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Drunken drivers taken off city's streets  

Key West Police DUI Specialist Kevin O’Connell, known locally as “the drunk driver’s worst nightmare,” took a number of intoxicated drivers off the city’s streets over the weekend.

At about 1 a.m. on Saturday, Officer Kevin O’Connell stopped Robert Bulan, 26, of Vermilion, Fla., after seeing him driving a moped on the center line and weaving back and forth on North Roosevelt Boulevard. Bulan reportedly was not able to perform the roadside sobriety exercises.

Then, at 3:10 a.m., Officer Pablo Rodriguez found Norman Roosevelt Woods, 47, of Key West, passed out behind the wheel of his car parked at a service station at Truman Avenue and White Street. Rodriguez called in O’Connell. Woods reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol, stumbled and had to lean on the car and could not do the sobriety exercises. At the jail, officers noticed Woods was very talkative and twitchy, signs of cocaine use. They sent a K-9 team back to the car where the dog reportedly found cocaine powder under the driver’s seat. Woods was additionally charged with possession of cocaine.

At 11:23 Saturday night, a moped driver was weaving so severely, that O’Connell reported he feared he would crash. O’Connell stopped him at the entrance to Truman Annex. The driver, James Rutowski, 22, of Farmingdale, N.J., had trouble putting the moped on its kickstand. He, too, could not perform the roadside sobriety exercises and was booked into the county jail.

Late last night, Officer Pablo Rodriguez called in O’Connell after stopping a driver who was weaving in and out the opposite lane on Palm Avenue. Robert Johnson, 49, of Southwick, Mass., reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and his speech was slurred. Johnson reportedly was unable to understand the roadside sobriety exercises and pulled out a badge, saying he was a deputy sheriff. Then he said he was really a volunteer after O’Connell asked whom he should call to check on his claim. Johnson was booked into the county jail.

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