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Persons picked up on outstanding arrest warrants  

Police officers encounter wanted people with varying frequency and under a variety of circumstances, reflecting the diversity of their daily duties. Any time an officer stops someone, he or she radios dispatchers and they run the name and date of birth through a national database of outstanding arrest warrants. If that person is wanted, the officer immediately arrests him.

For reasons nobody can really explain, fugitives are drawn to the Keys and Key West. Perhaps itís the areaís freewheeling reputation and transient population. But, with only one way in and one way out, that seems to be an unwise choice. Once police know a wanted person is in the city and mug shots and descriptions are circulated, that personís chances of remaining at large here are significantly reduced.

Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys has money in reserve for rewards to persons who let them know about persons in our area who are wanted for felony crimes. Cash rewards of as much as $1,000 go to tipsters whose information leads to fugitivesí arrests. Callers donít even have to identify themselves. The tips line number is 1-800-346-TIPS.

Names of persons Key West police officers pick up for about one week are posted here each Friday. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, this weekís list is a bit shorter, going through Wednesday.

Tatiana Johnson, 29, of Key West, for four warrants: three for violating probation granted on convictions for grand theft; one for violating probation granted on a conviction for petit theft. Officer Henry Arroyo was sent to Front Street to pick her up. Nov. 19.

Ricardo Philip Bazar, 57, of Key West, for violating probation granted on a forgery conviction. A Crime Stoppers tip led Officer Ashley Clevenger directly to Bazarís Aronovitz Lane home. He was at home and Clevenger arrested him. Nov. 20.

Janes Lyle Orr, 24, no address, for a warrant, with extradition, out of Alachua County. The report did not state for what crime the warrant was issued. Officer Robert Winterbottom was checking on a complaint about homeless persons at Dog Beach. He ran warrants checks on three of them, one of whom was Orr. After arresting Orr, Winterbottom found a bottle of pepper spray, a police-type badge and a leatherman tool. He reported Orrís girlfriend said that if Orr had a gun, the incident would have turned out differently. Nov. 19.

Mark Thomas Scribner, 39, of Key West, for writing a worthless check. Officer Donny Barrios was patrolling on Pearl Street when he saw Scribner walking south. Barrios knew Scribner was wanted and arrested him. Nov. 22.

Brendan Frailey, 12, of Little Torch Key, for battery and aggravated assault. An officer was sent to the county courthouse where Frailey was in a hearing. The officer waited outside the courtroom until Frailey emerged and then arrested him on the warrants. The officer notified the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice of the arrest. Nov. 22.

Trishana D. Wilson, 28, ofMiami, for violating probation granted on a grand theft auto conviction. Officer Matt Haley saw her on Terry Lane while he was patrolling and knew she was wanted. A search of her car by a K-9 team after she was arrested on the warrant found cocaine powder on the back seat and back floor, so she was also charged with possession of cocaine. Nov. 23.

Robert Charles Hatina, 39, of Key West. The report does not state for what crime the warrant was issued. Officer Larry Caruso was helping with a medical call when Hatina approached him and turned himself in. Nov. 23.

Tommy Chavez, 30, of Key West, for violating probation granted on a conviction for grand theft and forgery. Officer Donny Barrios was on routine patrol in the 1200 block of First Street, saw Chavez and knew he was wanted. After arresting him, Barrios searched him, finding a prescription bottle containing one hydrocodone pill, a schedule II controlled substance. The name on the bottle was not Chavezí. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. Nov. 23.

David Winfred Barber, 47, of Marathon, for robbery by sudden snatching, with bond set at $30,000. Sgt. Bernardo Barrios, head of the Street Crimes Unit, spotted Barber at the corner of Whitehead and Petronia streets and knew he was wanted. He arrested him. When she arrived at the jail with Barber in custody, transporting Officer Jenny Carson was notified that Barber had a second outstanding warrant, this one for violating five conditions of probation granted on a domestic battery conviction. Nov. 23.

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