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Boy shoots BBs at Conch Tour Train carolers  

A 14-year-old Key West boy was arrested for shooting a BB gun at a Conch Tour train full of Christmas carolers last night.

He took aim and fired 10 to 15 shots at the Conch Tour Train, one of the boys with him later told Key West Police Officer Brandon Kutner. A six-year-old local boy on the train was hit in the eye. His mother allowed paramedics to treat her son but did not want them to take him to the hospital for further evaluation.

A boy riding in the back of the train gave a good description of one of the boys, who was with two other kids, all on bicycles. The witness told Kutner they fled west on Northside Drive. Another passenger gave Kutner a white plastic ball found on the train. Kutner broadcast the information to all units and the search was on.

Soon, the trio was spotted leaving K-Mart. Kutner intercepted them. One of them reportedly had a red and black toy gun in his hand and was clenching in his teeth a bag of plastic BBs that reportedly matched the ball from the Conch Train. The toy BB gun had a rapid-fire feature mimicking the firing capability of an automatic machine gun.

Kutner arrested him for simple battery and possession of a BB gun by a minor under 16 years old. After he was booked at the Monroe county jail, he was turned over to his mother.

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