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People picked up on arrest warrants  

Every Friday, the Key West Police Department posts on this website the names of wanted people officers have picked up during the week on active, outstanding arrest warrants. We include a little information on for what crime each person was wanted and the circumstances of the arrest, to provide readers some insight into the daily routine (and sometimes not so routine) of Key West police officers. The number varies widely from week to week, depending on a number of factors.

Crime Stoppers of the Keys will pay a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a person wanted to a felony crime. Callers do not have to identify themselves. The tips line number is 1-800-346-TIPS (8477).

Clifford Thomas McDermitt, 43, of Key West, for violating probation grants on a conviction for a crime not specified. Officer Robert Winterbottom picked up McDermitt and the Parole and Probation office. Dec. 3.

Bobbie Jean Williams, 53, of Key West, for two warrants, both for violating probation granted on convictions for sale of cocaine. Officer Henry Arroyo found her at the Fort Village apartments. Dec. 3.

Gregory A. Rollins, 38, of Key West, for failing to appear in court for an unspecified crime. Detective Frank Castor of the Street Crimes Unit was following Rollins in Bahama Village. Rollins was on a bicycle with no front or rear light. While Castor was behind him, Rollins stopped at the corner of Thomas and Petronia streets and reportedly tried to get the attention of several narcotics dealers there. Castor got out of his car and went up to Rollins, who consented to a search of his person. Castor found no contraband, but, as all officers do, he radioed dispatchers at the station to run a computer check on him. Rollins was wanted and Castor arrested him. Dec. 3.

Keith Dean Webb, 40, of Key West, for violating probation granted on a conviction for driving under the influence with property damage. Officer Mike Malgrat on routine patrol saw Webb on Emma Street, ran a check, found the warrant, and arrested him. Dec. 4.

Kimberly Denise Sabbah, 34, of Key West, for two warrants for violating probation granted on a conviction for possession of cocaine and marijuana. Officer Henry Arroyo arrested her on United Street. Dec. 4.

A 14-year-old boy, of Key West, on a juvenile pickup order for violating probation granted for delinquency. Information on the pickup order and photos of the boy were disseminated at the shift briefing and Officer Gary Lovette found him at the corner of Emma Street and Truman Avenue later in the day. He already knew, also, that Officer Kuniko Keohane was investigating the theft of a wallet for which she had charged him earlier in the day. When Lovette brought the boy to the Police Station on the pickup order and the boy was also arrested for the theft. A search after the boy’s arrest disclosed a small pink bag of marijuana on his person. Dec. 4.

Elizabeth Lee, 37, of Big Coppitt Key, for violating probation granted on a conviction for possession of cocaine. Officer E. J. Cuneo saw Lee while on routine patrol at the corner of Virginia and Whitehead streets and already knew she was wanted. Lee initially gave a false name and birth date, but Cuneo had another officer check the photo and information in the warrants book kept in the briefing room, and confirmed that she was in fact Elizabeth Lee, who was wanted. She was also charged with giving a false name to a law enforcement officer. Dec. 4.

An 18-year-old man, of Key West, for a juvenile pickup order on an unspecificed crime. The order was issued when he was a minor. Detective Frank Duponty knew the man was wanted and stopped him at the corner of 2nd Street and Roosevelt Drive. Dec. 6.

Ricky Normen Cartwright, 20, of Key West, for resisting an officer without violence, failing to sign a citation and trespassing. Bicycle Officer Bradley Lariz knew Cartwright was wanted when he saw him on a bicycle at the corner of Emma and Petronia streets. The warrants stemmed from an incident on Dec. 3 in which he fled from Officer E. J. Cuneo, who swore out the warrant. Because Cartwright is known to run from police, Lariz first called for backup officers before approaching Cartwright. Then he was able to arrest him without incident. A search after the arrest disclosed a marijuana cigarette in Cartwright’s back pocket and a $10 bill wrapped around more marijuana in a front pocket, so Cartwright was also charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. Dec. 7.

Stephen Denard Leland, 22, of Key West, for two warrants: failing to appear in court on a charge of possession and sale of a controlled substance; failing to appear in court on a trespass charge. While on routine patrol, Officer E. J. Cuneo saw Leland in the 300 block of Julia. Cuneo knew Leland was wanted and arrested him. Dec. 8.

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