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Bahama Village Drug Task Force strikes again!  

Early this morning, the officers working for the Bahama Village Drug Task Force snagged an alleged drug dealer on a stolen scooter with a suspended driverís license who was wanted on an active arrest warrant.

Two officers hiding in a high drug traffic area watched a man in a red cap engage in a hand-to-hand transaction at about 1 a.m. The man then got on a scooter and rode away. The officers radioed officers E. J. Cuneo and Todd Stevens, who were nearby. They saw the scooter go by and flagged it down on Olivia Street.

The driver, Joseph Revell, 52, of Key West, stopped and allowed them to search him and the scooter. Cuneo reportedly found a cigarette pack in his pocket with six pieces of crack cocaine in the cellophane wrapper. Meanwhile, a computer check turned up a warrant for his arrest in Osceola County for contempt of court. Further investigation showed the scooter was stolen, his license had been revoked fifteen years ago and that he reportedly had bought the drugs for some friends.

Revell was booked into the Monroe County jail for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, grand theft auto and driving with a suspended license.

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