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More strict parking enforcement  

Parking is a real problem in Key West and it is becoming worse.

So much so that the situation can be downright dangerous, said Key West Police Traffic Safety Officer Frank Blasberg. That’s why officers are enforcing the city’s parking regulations more strictly now, he said.

He said many of the people ticketed recently were surprised and angry because they had been parking in a certain way for many years even though it is unsafe and illegal. “For example, some people habitually park in front of their homes facing traffic. That’s illegal and potentially dangerous,” he said.

“We’re trying to educate people about the meaning of yellow curbs, parking against traffic, blocking driveways – even your own, parking boats on the street, parking too close to an intersection and just plain parking where a sign says not to,” Blasberg added. “That sign is there for a reason.”

Blasberg recommends motorists check out the city’s parking ordinances in the city’s website,, in the sub-menu “Code of Ordinances.” Learn what these laws are and then obey them, he said.

“When you park at the edge of a corner, motorists can’t see around the corner, so they creep out into the intersection, risking a collision,” Blasberg said. “People parking so close to the corner may not realize how they are endangering others.

“We’re trying to make it safer for everyone to park and drive and enjoy our island paradise.”

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