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Drunken couple with two small children arrested  

Key West police arrested an allegedly drunken couple Saturday afternoon with two small children in a car littered with bags of clothing, food, toys, candy, diapers, beer bottles, needles and open liquor bottles.

Officers stopped the car at Duval and United streets and found two men and a woman all sitting in the passenger seat. Two little girls, ages three and one, reportedly were in the back seat. Their father, Dennis Hicks, 60, had a bottle of rum and their mother, Vicki Hicks, 33, had a bottle of beer. They refused to provide identification and fought with officers trying to get them out of the car, while the children cried in the back seat. Vicki Hicks reportedly had two needles in her pocket and needle marks on her arms, hands and legs and smelled strongly of alcohol.

After the Silver Springs couple was secured, officers called the Florida Department of Children and Families to take care of the children. Then they searched the car, where they reportedly found open liquor bottles, cold beer, a bag of needles, powder residue, rolling paper and tin foil all underneath the child safety seat. The girls were dirty, had soiled diapers and numerous bites on their bodies, especially on their legs.

At the jail, Vicki Hicks had to be put in a restraint chair because she was violently kicking and screaming. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, child neglect and possession of an open container. Dennis Hicks was charged with resisting arrest without violence and possession of an open container of alcohol.

The driver of the car, David Alan Strickland, 43, also of Silver Springs, was charged with driving with a suspended license, possession of a controlled substance and for an outstanding active arrest warrant out of Marion County for seven counts of possession of gophers and tortoises.

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