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Couple arrested again  

A couple arrested Saturday for child neglect was arrested again Wednesday at a Key West motel swimming pool after they reportedly were extremely drunk, refused to leave and caused a scene.

The police report said Dennis and Vicki Hicks were so drunk they were endangering themselves, hotel guests and hotel property. Vicki Hicks, 33, was lying in a pool of her own vomit when officers arrived. They took the couple to the local emergency room out of concern for their acute alcohol intoxication. There, they reportedly yelled and screamed profanities, interrupting the emergency room and endangering other patients.

They were charged with disorderly intoxication and taken to the county jail after treatment. Mr. Hicks was again released on a $25,000 bond Wednesday after this second arrest. Dennis Hicks was again released on a $25,000 bond Wednesday after this second arrest and on Thursday, Vicki Hicks’ bond was set at $210.

The couple was released from jail Tuesday on a $1,500 bond for Dennis Hicks and $5,000 for Vicki Hicks. The bonds were the result of the couple being arrested then on numerous charges that included child neglect. At that time, police stopped a car in which the Hickses allegedly were drunk and their two children, ages one and three, were in the back seat. Needles, beer and liquor bottles, food, clothing, toys, and drug paraphernalia filled the back seat where the very dirty little girls were crying. Their diapers were soiled and they were covered with bug bites. The Florida Department of Children and Families took the children.

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