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KWHS student arrested for felony battery  

A Key West High School student was arrested yesterday for felony battery after he allegedly punched another student at the school, causing reportedly serious facial injuries.

Another student said he saw Randy Barnes go up to the victim at school Tuesday morning, say something to him and start punching him in the face. He told Key West Police School Resource Officer Jason Castillo that the victim fell to the floor and Barnes continued punching him in the face. The witness said he grabbed Barnes and pulled him off the other student and then school staff arrived.

Barnes reportedly claimed the other student swung at him first and that he did not hit him in the face. He told Castillo the facial injuries were from another fight the boy was involved in on Sunday.

But the victimís doctor said the injuries were definitely from Tuesday, not Sunday, and that he would require surgery. Castillo arrested the 16-year-old Stock Island boy for felony battery.

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