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Persons picked up on active arrest warrants  

Key West police routinely pick people wanted for arrest. Whenever officers have an official contact with someone, they run a national computer check and, surprisingly often, the person is wanted.

They’re constantly amazed at how careless some people can be even though they know an active warrant is out for their arrest – they run stop lights, get into brawls, they call attention to themselves in very public ways. And, because of its free-wheeling reputation, fugitives from all over the country seem to think Key West is a good place to hide out and have a good time. They don’t seem to realize there’s only one way in and one way out and we have real cops here.

If you know of someone who is wanted for a felony offense, you could be eligible for a cash reward from Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys, 1-800-346-TIPS, if your information leads to that person’s arrest.

Karli Howe, 21, of Sugarloaf Key, for DUI. Howe was already in jail on an unrelated incident, and was additionally charged with the warrant. Feb. 17.

Harry Maiden, 61, of Key West, for three warrants for violating probation on charges of sale of cocaine. An officer was sent to the probation and parole office to pick him up. Feb. 17.

Richard Rogers, 48, no address, for stalking. Bicycle Officer Donny Barrios recognized Rogers when he saw him on the 800 block of Duval Street and knew a warrant for his arrest was outstanding. Feb. 18.

Avishay Benjamin, 24, of Bay Point, for driving without a Florida driver’s license. Officer Henry Arroyo went with State Attorney Investigator Paul Meyers to a Front Street address where they arrested Benjamin. Feb. 18.

David Bridge, 45, of Key West, for issuing a worthless check. Officer Matt Haley was called to a North Roosevelt Boulevard restaurant about a disorderly person. The manager pointed out Bridge. Haley ran a warrants check on Bridge and the warrant came up. Feb. 19.

David Bridge, 45, of Key West, for two warrants: a local one for issuing worthless checks and one out of Palm Beach County for failing to appear in court on a traffic citation. Officer Matt Haley was called to a North Roosevelt Boulevard restaurant because of a disorderly person, who turned out to be Bridge. Haley had a warrants check run on Bridge and the warrants came up. Feb. 19.

A 15-year-old girl, of Key West, for violating probation granted on an unspecified crime conviction. The Department of Juvenile Justice notified Officer Jason Castillo, School Resource Officer at Key West High School, that there was an active juvenile pickup order on her. She was in class at the school, so Castillo had her brought to him in his office there, where he arrested her and notified her mother. Feb. 22.

Thomas Arthur Roberts, 47, of Key West, for DUI. Officer Rich Thomas saw him and another man walking behind the Gato Building (county offices) at about 11:30 at night. He approached them and asked them what they were doing behind the building. Each man gave a different account. Then Thomas ran checks on them. Roberts’ warrant came up and Thomas arrested him. He released the other man. Feb. 23.

Tadarius H. Lawton, 21, of Homestead, for violating probation granted on a conviction for sale of cocaine and possession of cocaine. Officer Todd Stevens recognized Lawton when he saw him walking in the 300 block of Petronia Street and knew he was wanted. Feb. 24.

Bobby Eugene Mosby, 36, of Miami, for possession of cocaine and for violating probation granted on a conviction for driving with a suspended license. Officer Rich Thomas was looking for a man on a bicycle who ran a stop sign at Duval and Angela streets. He spotted him riding on Truman Avenue with no tail light and stopped him at the corner of Truman Avenue and White Street. At first, Mosby reportedly gave Thomas a false name. Once that was straightened out, Thomas had dispatchers run a computer check on warrants, and Mosby’s came up. Thomas arrested him. Feb. 24.

Sherlon Boatswain, 22, of Key West, for violating probation granted on a conviction for battery on a law enforcement officer. An officer was called to the gate at the U. S. Navy housing at Sigsbee Park to meet with a military police officer and a corrections officer. They had a warrant for Boatswain, who was living in government housing there. They went to his residence and arrested him there. Feb. 24. [Warrants Feb. 25 04]

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