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Students are being put on alert that police will firmly enforce local laws and address special problems that arise in a resort city:

• When riding bicycles, obey all traffic laws. Front and back lights are required when riding at night.

• Scooters, motorcycles and bicycles may not be parked on the sidewalk. The city has provided bicycle racks and designated free parking areas for these vehicles.

• Passengers may not ride on the back of any moped, scooter or motorcycle unless it is designed for passengers.

• Carrying open containers of alcoholic beverages on city streets, sidewalks and beaches is illegal.

• The horn of a scooter is a safety warning device. Persons using it otherwise will be cited.

• Pedestrians must stay on the sidewalks. Standing in the streets is dangerous and obstructs traffic. Police officers will disperse crowds overflowing onto city thoroughfares.

• The purpose of extra sanitary facilities and trashcans is obvious. Police expect people to use them and will cite persons for littering or relieving themselves in public.

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