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Man pulls knife during argument  

A Key West man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly pulled a knife on his girlfriend when she tried to leave him.

After an argument with the man, Kevin James Huddleston, 27, the 21-year-old woman called a friend to come pick her up from the Watson Street apartment they shared. As they were leaving, Huddleston called the friend’s cell phone, reportedly saying, “You better get back here or all your stuff will be thrown in the street and burned.” They returned.

The friend stayed in the car while the woman loaded her belongings into the car, but he got out when Huddleston started pushing the woman and swearing at her. Then, they said, Huddleston pulled a knife out of his pocket and opened it, telling the friend to mind his own business. They got back into the car.

Then Huddleston reportedly put his right hand on the woman’s throat, holding the knife in his left hand. She pushed him away with her foot because he was choking her, she told Key West Police Officer Matt Klosowski. The friend said Huddleston tired to slash her.

Klosowski wrote up a warrant for Huddleston’s arrest for domestic battery and aggravated domestic assault. Klosowski returned to the apartment a couple of hours later, found Huddleston there, and arrested him.

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