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Fast one at the ATM lands man in jail  

An alleged fake bank deposit followed by a real cash withdrawal caught up to a Stock Island man Friday.

He wound up in jail after Key West Police Detective Pablo Rodriguez swore out a warrant for his arrest for grand theft and set up surveillance at the airport, where he worked, catching him when he showed up.

On Feb. 22, Jean Sadrac Eugene, 23, allegedly deposited over $18,000 in a credit union account, using an ATM, Rodriguez said. Then, using the same ATM, he withdrew over $15,000. When that ATM was serviced, credit union employees found the deposit envelopes were empty, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez compared an identification photo of Eugene to the image on the ATM camera. They matched, and two tellers also positively identified him, he said.

He wrote up an arrest warrant and he and Detective Sgt. Donie Lee set up surveillance at the airport. After they caught him, Eugene took them to his home where he turned over $5,700 in cash he took out of a brief case there, Rodriguez said. Then they went with him to his bank where he emptied out his checking account and turned over that $1,200. Rodriguez returned the cash to the credit union.

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