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Bank robber arrested  

Key West police Wednesday afternoon arrested a local man for allegedly robbing the Keys Federal Credit Union branch on Southard Street at 10:30 that morning.

Fred Simunovic, 47, of Key West, was charged by Detective Dan Allen with armed robbery.

Key West police marine patrol officers on the lookout for a man suspected of robbing a local bank Wednesday morning spotted a man matching the robberís description at the Key West ferry terminal at 4:45 that afternoon, Detective Sgt. Donie Lee said.

Officers Ernest DeLoach and Dave Gilkinson called detectives when a man matching the description tried to board a ferry bound for Fort Myers, Lee said. The officers said the ferry captain had not allowed Simunovic to board because he appeared to be intoxicated.

Simunovic consented to a search in which he produced a large amount of money from his pants pocket, Lee said. Lee said Simunovic was unable to explain from where he obtained the money.

The teller and the bank manager positively identified him later at the police station, Lee said. Lee said an Olivia Street resident also reported a pitchfork was missing from a shed on his property in which Simunovic had been sleeping and that on the morning before the robbery Simunovic had been wearing the very same clothing described in police alerts on the suspected robber.

When Simunovic was arrested, he had $1,859 in cash on him, Lee said.

Simunovic is accused of entering the bank at about 10:23 a.m. holding a pitchfork in a trash bag, Lee said. When he got to the teller, he showed the pitchfork and said, ďIím dying of AIDS, Iím homeless and Iím robbing you,Ē while tilting the pitchfork toward her and demanding money, Lee said. Simunovic ran out through the alley next to the bank and through the city hall parking lot with an undisclosed amount of money.

Key West police found the pitchfork discarded behind the bank, Lee said.

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