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Police officer separates two drunken women from men  

Late last night, a Key West police officer separated two extremely drunken women from a pair of men who reportedly picked them up earlier in the evening.

Officer Keith Rendueles became suspicious when he saw a man holding up a woman apparently so drunk she could barely walk. Another woman was very drunk also, with another man. That man said the two women were their girlfriends and they were headed to their motel room. Rendueles told them he wanted to confirm the women really were their girlfriends.

The second woman did not confirm or deny that, and the first woman could hardly talk at all. The officer said he would follow their taxi to the motel to check things out further. The second man reportedly did not like that idea and said his boss could state the women were with the group. But he was unable to reach the boss.

Finally Rendueles told the men he believed they had just met the women and were planning to have sex with them. The second man said that was right, and they had met them earlier in the evening. Officer E. J. Cuneo called paramedics and an ambulance took the extremely intoxicated woman to the emergency room. The other woman rode with her. Both women were from Naples, Fla.

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